What is Kinesiology

Kinesiology in its pure sense is a method of using manual muscle testing to obtain bio-feedback directly from the body. By using a light pressure to test muscle response, rather than muscle strength, one can gain information from the body that may not be easily obtained from the conscious mind.

Kinesiology originated from chiropractic and chiropractors still use kinesiology muscle testing today as a method of diagnosis. Kinesiology, as a non-invasive, holistic, natural therapy, as provided by New Being Kinesiology, is based on the premise that the body is designed to heal itself.

Based also on Chinese acupuncture theory, kinesiology works at an energy level. The body has a number of energy channels, or meridians, that relate to organs and functions of the body. Energy constantly flows through these meridians and when the energy flow is unhindered and balanced, we are well. When we experience any kind of stress - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual - the energy flow through the body is adversely affected, and the body’s self-healing ability is also adversely affected. This energy imbalance results in the person experiencing dis-ease and a lack of wellbeing. Eventually, this dis-ease may manifest as a physical ailment.

Kinesiology does not follow the western medical model in that we don’t diagnose or treat named diseases. What we do is work towards (I) balancing a person’s energies to a positive goal and (ii) releasing any stresses that are stopping the person from achieving that goal. Kinesiology can be used to resolve existing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments and can also be used to assist a person in their personal growth.

Therefore, kinesiology is not only about fixing what’s wrong now, it’s also about personal development and reaching your full potential and personal goals.

Benefits of Kinesiology

Wellbeing Relief from aches and pain

High energy levels

Improved sleeping patterns

Peace of mind

Self esteem

Goal achievement

Learning ability

Personal development

Greater flexibility

Stress management

Fears, phobias, addictions



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